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Enjoy an unparalleled recording experience at Perth's only SSL 6000 E Series, 32 Channel analog mixing console—the only one of its kind in Western Australia!

Originally manufactured in Oxford England. The console was then housed by studios in Los Angeles and Nashville, before finally being brought into our Australian shores by our studio in Perth. 

For over four decades, Solid State Logic has remained the globally renowned leader in analog and digital audio console production.

The SSL 6000 E series has been extremely popular among musicians and mixing engineers for rock, pop, and hip-hop genres.

The SSL 6000 is set apart from others by having 6 mix buses, with 3 stereo buses feeding into the master stereo mix. Designed for complete interformat capabilities. This means the console provides extensive audio processing, routing, and mixing possibilities.Additionally, this technology permits the engineer to craft a broad array of productive feeds while delivering superior audio quality.

Ensuring our consoles health and longevity was a main priority for us at 385 Studios, so it was an easy decision to power the console with an Atomic Instrument silent PSU SBD 2.

Atomic Instrument co have changed the game by designing power supplies to fill the demand for reliable and efficient PSUs for vintage analog and large format recording consoles. 

This is done by building a more advanced PSU to reduce the console’s energy consumption by about half, reducing noise floor and protectively filtering the energy passing through the console. Ultimately, the Atomic Instrument PSU enhances dependability and sound quality to guarantee that our highly regarded SSL console stays in optimal condition for years ahead.

We invite you to experience the joy of recording your artistic talents through the amazing SSL 6000 E series today as have the world’s best bands as listed below.


You can see why artists all over the world prefer recording and mixing their music on the SSL console.

Some of the most famous artists and bands that use the SSL console are:

  • The Rolling Stones,
  • Nirvana,
  • David Bowie,
  • Dr Dre,
  • The Beatles,
  • Led Zeppelin,
  • Michael Jackson
  • Foo Fighters,
  • 2 Pac,
  • Eminem,
  • Queens of the Stone Age,
  • Usher,
  • Neil Young,
  • Greenday,
  • NWA,
  • Ed Sheeran,
  • Madonna,
  • Stone Temple Pilots,
  • Coldplay,
  • U2,
  • Elton John


And many more.  We hope that you as a passionate musician will come and experience what  385 Studios has to offer including the sound engineering experience that the SSL 6000 E offers.

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